Simply Portable Pressure Washer - 8 Litres

Simply Pressure Sprayer
Simply Portable Pressure Washer - 8 Litres - Towsure
Simply Portable Pressure Washer - 8 Litres - Towsure
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Easy, portable pressure sprayer
Lightweight and easy to use
Many uses including vehicles, garden and home
Includes 1.3 metre hose, spray lance and soft bristle hose brush


WASH ANY TIME AND PLACE – no need for electrity while using our pressure washers. Filing from a tap directly into the canister saves you money and stops the potential of wasting water.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE – our pressure washer is designed to be portable and durable. It even comes with a shoulder strap to use while on the move meaning you won’t be fixed to one spot while using the washer and can choose how much water is inside while you do this bringing the weight inside down.

FLOW THROUGH BRUSH – Comes equipped with a brush hose attachment which will be perfect for cleaning while you wash the surface. Soft bristles on the brush able to get into corners or harder to clean places while not damaging the surfaces.

EASY TO SET UP AND USE – filling and pumping water in the canister is a very easy and reliable method of creating the pressure to push water through the hose at high velocity.

VEHICLES, GARDENS, DECKING AND HOME – The Simply portable pressure washer makes cleaning a variety of surfaces easy. Adding the brush attachment can be even more useful on old decking too reaching into cracks giving a deeper clean.