Awning Lighting

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Awning lighting is a useful addition to your awning, for when natural light isn't enough, or for when you want to close your awning's curtains for some extra privacy. It's also handy at night-time, for when you can't put that book down.

From lanterns and strip lighting to LED sensors and lamps, there is a lighting option out there that will suit you and your awning. Using LED lights, you can have lots of light without relying on traditional power sources.

There are many different cords and connectors available, so you can create a lot of light by using chains of surface-mounted diodes (SMD), which can be powered by a battery or the mains. Strip lighting is also powered by battery, and crocodile clips are available for quick connection.

Some awnings, such as some of the modern Vango and Kampa variations have their own add-on lighting and LED kits which fit their corresponding models. So keep an eye out for your model name in our lighting section if you own an awning from these manufacturers.