Caravan Televisions, Satellite & Entertainment

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Enjoy top-quality TV for the caravan or campervan

Modern flat-screen televisions are light, portable and easy to take away on your caravanning holiday. TVs specially designed for travelling - all ready for digital. Satellite dishes & aerials for great reception wherever you go. Having good entertainment while on holiday can be the cherry on top of a great experience.

A quality TV & entertainment system can be that cherry during your caravan adventures. Being able to watch your favourite TV show while away from home shouldn't have to be difficult. Having a flatscreen TV and a special aerial mast or satellite dish & receiver fitted can be the difference between a dreary, boring night stuck in the caravan, or an entertaining evening full of laughter. A good TV and the ability to get reception can give you a lot of entertainment options - and it can be a lifesaver if it's raining and you have children. Radio's another great option if you want some light background entertainment while playing a board game. It's also a useful tool for weather forecasts and emergencies.

When you work hard the rest of the year, your holiday should be extra special, and a good TV and entertainment system and Multimo satellite kit can help ensure that.