Duvalay Bedding

Duvalay Memory Foam bedding turns your caravan's bed into a luxurious cocoon of comfort, so wherever your travels take you, there's always a nice soft bed to retire to.

This bedding consists of a layer of memory foam that moulds and supports your body while you sleep. It also works as an effective mattress topper to boost an existing mattress' comfort levels.

Duvalay Memory Foam bedding is available for both single and double beds, and you can even get your hands on a Duvalay Memory Foam sleeping bag. For double beds, memory foam can be shaped to fit your bed perfectly. Alternatively, two singles could be used to make up a double if flexibility is more important.

Unlike the princess of The Princess and the Pea, you will enjoy enduring comfort and restful sleep with the help of Duvalay Memory Foam bedding.