Kayaks & Water Sport

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Conquer the wet side of the great outdoors with kayaks and paddle boards. Perfect for the coast, canals and everything in between, enjoy browsing our definitive collection of kayaks and paddle boards available in many different shapes and sizes, find your new kayak or paddle board today.

As well as being great fun, kayaks and paddle boards grant you way more access to areas only accessible by water. Easily launch your craft into the water and you’re free to explore the coast, caves and waves as you please. When you’re not using the kayak or board for recreational activities, it can also be incorporated into a workout regime- being great for fitness. Kayaks and Paddleboards can be used in spaces as narrow as canals or small rivers, meaning you’re never far from an alternative to the gym.

With top brands like Seago, Riber and Wilton Bradley in our collection, we are sure you will find the perfect kayak or paddle board for your next adventure. For outdoor adventures on land, check out our walking and hiking range.