Caravan Levelling & Jacks

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Level blocks and wheel chocks to keep your caravan sat level on the caravan site. Caravan levellers from Fiamma, plastic caravan levellers, aluminium caravan levellers, tyre savers and grip tracks for soft or muddy ground, together with chocks, jack pads and corner steady accessories.

A level site can be hard to find, but there's no reason you should spend your caravan holiday at a peculiar angle. Caravan levellers and chocks ensure that, regardless of the terrain, your home away from home is always level.

Levellers position plastic or aluminium blocks in such a way that a caravan sits level. There are also hydraulic jacks available that can help raise caravan wheels and allow levellers to be put in position. Grip tracks ensure the caravan has traction on a steep incline or soft muddy ground, and chocks and tyre savers can be wedged against the wheels to make sure they do not move.

Levellers and wheel chocks can be made from different materials and shapes. Depending on the ground in question, you might need only a small leveller, or you might need the biggest, baddest leveller you can get your hands on. Chocks made out of plastic or rubber are more necessary on those steep inclines than they are on gentle slopes.

Levellers and chocks are a wise investment that protect you against the possibility of having to chase your caravan down a hill on your first day out on the road!