Caravan Wheel Clamps

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Wheel clamps are an instant visual deterrent. Our range includes budget clamps for short-term use, trailer clamps, caravan and motorhome wheel clamps. We also stock clamps from several trusted brands including Bulldog, Milenco, Stronghold and Sold Secure.

Wheel clamps are a great anti-theft device. They ensure your caravan will stay just where you left it by locking the wheel in place so it can’t be moved. They are also useful for keeping your caravan or trainer in place on an incline, such as a driveway.

Placing a wheel clamp on your wheels will completely immobilise them and make your caravan near-impossible to move without superhuman strength. This adds an extra layer of protection and security to your caravan.

Different sizes and designs fit a variety of tyre sizes, so there will be several suitable for your caravan. Having a variety of locking mechanisms installed gives you greater protection against theft. Immobilising your wheels while on a slope protects your caravan from rolling down the hill too.

If your caravan is stolen, broken into or rolls away down a hill, your entire holiday can be ruined, so make sure you are able to protect your vehicle against these risks. If done so correctly, you and your family will be able to enjoy your caravan trip with peace of mind.