Bulldog 400Q Twin Stabiliser

Bulldog 400Q Stabiliser

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Part Code: BD50073

Designed for heavier-duty work, the Bulldog 400Q features 2 leaf-spring type blades sitting each side of the trailer or caravan A-frome to provide superior damping of any pitching and combat side to side movement ("snaking")


Bulldog's 400Q Twin Stabiliser reduces the effects of potholes, speeding vehicles, and uneven road surfaces, ensuring you get from A to B safely and without any problems.

Sharing the same build as the 200Q, the 400Q Twin Stabiliser also features an additional leaf spring to cope with the further load of towing heavier commercial trailers. The twin car plate has been designed with both 4WD adjustable tow bars and standard British tow bars in mind.

Compatible with all hitch heads including 'stabiliser' hitches, the Bulldog Stabiliser has a friction area ten times greater than that in the integral hitch. Incorporated within a torque head assembly which doesn't rely on gripping a ball, resistance against swaying movement isn't an issue for this stabiliser, with a silicone chrome leaf spring also taking care of any pitching movement.

Features of the Bulldog Twin-Bladed Stabiliser

  • Rugged, Heavy Duty Construction with High Tensile Fasteners
  • Bolt On, 'Twin' Car Bracket, with Two Height Adjustment options
  • Complete with Two Bolt On 'L' Brackets
  • Proven Anti-Pitch and Anti-Shake Control
  • Proven Quick Release Device

Additional Specifications

  • Bolt-On 'Twin' Car Bracket Dimensions:
    (4 Holes) 18mm Hole Diameter, 90mm Horizontal Centre
  • Asbestos-Free Friction Discs Diameter:
    4" (100mm)
  • Leaf Spring Dimensions:
    2" (Width) x 1/4" (Depth) (50.8mm x 6.35mm)
  • Weight: