Bulldog WL10 Locking Caravan Winter Wheels

Bulldog Locking Caravan Winter Wheels

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Part Code: WW10

Winter Wheel for Caravan - Set of two, with one high security locking plate. Avoid the costly expense of replacing tyres that have been stood over winter.


Winter Wheels prevent Tyre Damage Over Winter Storage

Care for your caravan's road wheels during storage - if a caravan is left resting on its road wheels for extended periods, damage in the shape of flat spots and sidewall cracking can result in unnecessary expense replacing tyres prematurely.

Suitable for 4-Stud and 5-Stud wheels

The Bulldog WL10 Winter Wheel set can be fitted in place of 4-stud and 5-stud caravan wheels of varying PCDs

Securely Immobilise your Caravan

With winter wheels fitted your caravan cannot be towed away. This locking winter wheel kit comes with a secure locking plate for one wheel; preventing removal of the winter wheel and fitting of road wheels. The Bulldog WL10 set includes the same high-quality locking bolt as used in Bulldog Sold Secure approved locks.

Ideal for Long Term Site and Winter Storage

If your caravan is not to be used for a length of time, use Bulldog Winter Wheels to preserve your road wheels and caravan tyres; saving you money and improving safety.

Five Year Guarantee!

100% British Manufactured

Insurance Approved