Bull Brand Universal Butane Lighter Gas Refill - 300ml

Bull Brand Universal Gas Refill 300ml
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Bull Brand Butane Gas offers quality liquefied butane gas for refilling lighters and other products. 300ml dispenser can.


Universal Butane Gas Refill Canister

Whether you're lighting up your refillable lighter or powering up other butane-fueled products, this can of Bull Brand Butane Gas comes with a range of nozzles to suit different filling valves. The easy to use dispenser can contains 300ml of high quality liquefied butane gas

  • Easily replenish refillable lighters and other butane-powered products with Bull Brand Butane Gas

  • This 300ml can of high-quality liquefied butane gas is perfect for lighter refill & butane tools

  • With a range of nozzles to suit different filling valves, the easy to use dispenser makes filling up a breeze

  • Trust Bull Brand for a quality gas refill