Cadac Carri Chef 40 Barbecue / Chef Pan Combo

Cadac Carri Chef 40 Barbecue Grill Pan Combo
Cadac Carri Chef 40 Barbecue / Chef Pan Combo - Towsure
Cadac Carri Chef 40 Barbecue / Chef Pan Combo - Towsure

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Part Code: BQ8905

The Carri Chef 40 outdoor grill features a high-performance burner and Thermogrill system to deliver even heat distribution and reduce gas consumption. This combo package includes a dome lid which doubles as a windshield, ceramic BBQ Grid, ceramic Chef Pan and Pot Stand. An adjustable foot allows for perfect, level positioning of the barbecue grill on sloping or uneven ground.


A Feature Packed Portable Barbecue by Cadac

Introducing the amazing new Carri Chef 40 portable barbecue grill, offering the ultimate in outdoor cooking convenience. Its high-performance burner is capable of cooking with ease, even in the most challenging outdoor conditions, meaning you can enjoy delicious meals virtually anywhere, any time.

Boasting the latest cutting-edge technology, and several features designed to make entertaining on the go a breeze, the Carri Chef 40 range is sure to impress in any outdoor setting. This convenient and easy-to-use unit comes absolutely loaded with features. It features a one-push piezo ignition so that sparking up your gas cooker is simple and fast. Assembly is also straightforward and takes a fraction of the time of traditional designs. Best of all, one of its legs features an adjustable foot to help you keep the cooker stable and level – even on uneven surfaces. It’s perfect for camping sites and rough terrain, maintaining a level surface and even cooking area.

This Cadac model BBQ features a lid with a thermometer built into the handle to measure the cooking temperatures. The dome lid can also be used attached to the side of the barbecue, acting as a windshield. Additionally, a utility shelf on the side of the BBQ is designed for safely seating the Cadac Power Pak gas supply, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally tipping the gas canister over whilst cooking.

With the 39cm BBQ Grid, you can expect quick heat-up times, even heat distribution and easy cleaning. The GreenGrill coating ensures that you get those mouthwatering sear marks that you have always wanted for griddled vegetables and steaks. The ceramic-coated 36cm Chef Pan is perfect for one-pot style cooking, and of course, the early morning fry-up.

All of the cooking surfaces in the Series 40 are modular system compatible, meaning they can be used on the Carri Chef 40. From Plancha cooking to making pizzas, you can do it all with the Carri Chef 40!

The enamelled fat pan features flame 'peepholes that allow you to regulate your barbecue flame perfectly and safely. It's easy to lift out and clean and packs down compactly into a durable storage bag when not in use. Additionally, a separate padded leg bag comes included, letting you easily store away the legs when not in use.

Carri Chef 40 BBQ Combo Features

  • Dome Lid with Thermometer & Stay-Cool Handle
  • Ceramic BBQ Grid
  • Ceramic Chef Pan
  • Removeable Pot Stand
  • Removable Fat Pan with Flame Peep Holes
  • Automatic Piezo Ignition
  • Finely Adjustable Temperature Control
  • Adjustable Foot on One Leg
  • Utility Shelf with Safe Seating for Power Pak Gas Supply
  • Storage Bag Included

Sizes & Weights

  • Unpackaged Weight: 10 kg
  • Packaged Weight: 12 kg
  • Pack Size: 650 × 440 × 310 mm
  • Open Size: 450 x 520 x 860 mm