Coleman C300 Performance Camping Gas Cartridge - 240g

Coleman Performance C300 Gas Canister
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Get consistent, reliable performance from your Coleman camping stove with Coleman Performance gas cartridges. These cartridges are made with a butane/propane gas blend that provides a steady and consistent burn across a wide range of temperatures at lower altitudes.

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High Performance Gas Mix for Camping Stoves and Lanterns

Coleman ® Performance gas cartridges are filled with a butane/ propane gas blend that provides reliable performance, no matter the altitude or temperature. With their standard threading, the Performance gas cartridges are compatible with Coleman ® stoves and lanterns, with no stabiliser or adapter necessary. Coleman ® also ensures that safety is seriously taken into consideration; the Coleman ® cartridges feature a double safety resealable valve, meaning that cartridges can be attached and removed from your stove or lantern, without fear of any gas leaks.

Why Choose Coleman Performance Gas Cartridges?

  • Butane/Propane mix - higher performance blend than just butane gas
  • A long runtime makes the cartridge ideal for longer trips
  • The propane content provides reliable performance at lower temperatures where pure Butane gas struggles
  • Suitable for Coleman ® cartridge gas stoves
  • Cartridge Size: ø10.5 x 9 cm
  • Total Weight: 361 g
  • Gas Content Weight: 240 g