Elbow Grease Degreaser

Ebow Grease - Cleaner for Caravans and Household
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Part Code: E151

A popular accompaniment to caravan cleaners to shift tough black streaks, sap etc. from caravans, plus a versatile kitchen and bathroom household cleaning spray too!


All Purpose Degreaser - Ideal for Caravan Cleaning

For tough staining and difficult cleaning jobs, Elbow Grease is the product many caravanners swear by for the job of shifting stubborn marks and black streak cleaning on the caravan.

Versatile - Use Inside and Out

Not only is Elbow Grease the perfect companion to a proprietary caravan cleaner, it's also ideal for use inside. use to shift grease on hobs and cooker tops, and inside showers, bathroom tiling and much more

Solvent Free

Tough on dirt and staining, but kind to surfaces, this all purpose degreaser spray can be used on caravan bodywork, plastics, metals, fabrics etc. Elbow Grease comes in a handy trigger spray making it perfect to target the area to be cleaned.