Elpine 4.2KW Portable Calor Gas Heater - 7kg Bottle

Elpine 4.2KW Portable Calor Gas Heater - 7kg Bottle - Towsure
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Brand: Elpine
Part Code: V14-ALT-NT
Barcode: 5038673310237
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Portable cas cabinet heater for use with 7kg Calor (or similar) butane gas bottle.  Comes with gas regulator & hose included.  An easy and convenient source of heat for the home, office, caravan awning - anywhere a portable heat source is required.

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7kg Butane Calor Gas Heater

The Elpine 4.2kw portable gas cabinet heater is so easy to use anywhere. With three heat settings from 1.5kw to 4.2kw and push button iginition this portable calor gas fire warms your space effectively. This gas cabinet heater accepts 7kg butane gas bottles and comes with a 7kg butane regulator and hose, suitable for hooking up a Calor or similar gas bottle easily.

  • Push button ignition
  • 3 heater settings, easily selectable (1.4kw / 2.8kw / 4.2kw)
  • Gas regulator and hose included

Easily Portable Outdoor & Indoor Gas Heater

The gas bottle is easily connected and disconnected from the regulator, allowing the heater to be carried separately from the gas cylinder. The cabinet is also filled with rollers for easy moving on a level surface, giving you heat wherever you need it.

  • Fitted with castors for ease of movement
  • Gas bottle sits inside the cabinet for a neat appearance
  • Compact size makes moving and storing the heater easy

Compact and Neat Calor Gas Fire

  • Height: 69cm
  • Depth (not including bottle*): 25cm
  • Depth (including bottle*): 42cm
  • Width: 43cm

*bottle protrudes slightly from the rear of the cabinet when fitted