Kampa Plug & Coupler Socket Box

Kampa Plug & Coupler Socket Box - Towsure
Kampa Plug & Coupler Socket Box - Towsure

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Part Code: C687

The Kampa Socket Box protects and waterproofs a connection between camping mains lead and extension lead - securely holding a CEE plug/socket connection inside keeping it safe and dry.


If your mains lead is not long enough to reach the site hookup, you may need to use an extension lead. The Kampa Socket Box encloses the join between your mains lead and extension lead, protecting the plug and socket from moisture and accidental damage. Holding a CEE plug and training socket securely it also guards against the joint being accidentally or deliberately uncoupled.

Fitted with seals at the cable entry points and completely enclosing the plug and socket, the Socket Box is IP44 rated to keep your connection dry. Finished in a bright blue, the box also protects the plug/socket joint against accidental damage, and also includes a padlock to lock the safety box closed, avoiding tampering.

  • Keeps your connection dry and protected
  • Rated to IP44 standard
  • For use with CEE plug and socket as used on camping mains leads
  • Tamper-proof with padlock