Leisurewize Ontario 20-260 Porch Awning

Leisurewize Ontario 20-260 Porch Awning - Towsure
Leisurewize Ontario 20-260 Porch Awning - Towsure
Leisurewize Ontario 20-260 Porch Awning - Towsure
Leisurewize Ontario 20-260 Porch Awning - Towsure
Leisurewize Ontario 20-260 Porch Awning - Towsure
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Introducing the Ontario Porch Awning, the ideal companion for your caravan adventures, whether they be short or long getaways. This awning is equipped with steel and fibreglass poles that effortlessly assemble together, ensuring a hassle-free setup process. Crafted from a resilient waterproof fabric boasting a remarkable 3000HH rating, this awning guarantees optimal protection against the elements. With its meticulously taped seams, it offers an additional layer of water resistance, ensuring your comfort and peace of mind even during heavy downpours.

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Enhancing its functionality, this awning features hi-vis guy lines that are easily visible, providing sturdy support and stability. Moreover, the inclusion of blinds on all windows allows for ample shade, shielding you from the sun's glare and ensuring a cool and comfortable environment within. Addressing the need for a seamless connection between your caravan and the awning, the Ontario Porch Awning is equipped with rear padded pole sleeves. These sleeves effectively seal the gap, preventing any unwanted drafts or intrusions, while enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

To facilitate convenience in storage and transportation, this awning is thoughtfully supplied with a practical carry bag. This ensures that you can effortlessly pack and transport the Ontario Porch Awning, allowing you to embark on your caravan adventures with ease. Experience the epitome of reliability and functionality with the Ontario Porch Awning. Its durable construction, easy assembly, and array of features make it the perfect addition to your caravan setup.


  • Perfect for short and long getaways with your caravan.
  • Comes supplied with steel and fibreglass poles which easily assemble together.
  • The awning is made from a durable waterproof fabric with 3000HH rating and has taped seams for added water protection.
  • Easy-to-see hi-vis guy lines for support.
  • Blinds on all windows for plenty of shade.
  • Rear padded pole sleeves to seal the gap between caravan and awning.
  • Comes supplied in a carry bag for ease of storage and transportation.


  • Rail height: 235-250cm
  • Depth : 240cm
  • Width: 260cm