Kontrol Krystals - Caravan Dehumidifier Crystals 500g

Kontrol Krystals Refil for Moisture Trap
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500g resealable replacement bag of moisture crystals to suit the streamline and other popular moisture traps.


Refill Pack of Damp Crystals for Caravan Dehumidifier

The Kontrol Krystals refill pack is ideal for use in the Kontrol Streamline Damp Trap, Kilrock Moisture Mate and Kampa Damp Buster, among other brands of caravan and household damp trap.

New Resealable Bag

Kontrol Krystals now come in an easy resealable bag - meaning that if you don't need to use the entire 500g pack, you needn't waste the unused crystals by exposing them to damp in the air.

Long Lasting

These Kontrol Crystals work day and night, summer and winter with no power source required to draw moisture and damp in caravan interiors, boats or around the home.

One 500g is capable of absorbing up to 1 litre of moisture, the crystals remain active as a moisture attractant for up to 2-3 months after exposure to air.

How Damp Crystals Work

Dehumidifier crystals are manufactured from Calcium Chloride which has a naturally occuring affinity to water and attracts excess humidity from the air around it by this simple, naturally occuring chemical process. When Calcium Chloride crystals are used within a moisture trap construction, they begin to coagulate as they draw in moisture; and eventually after a few weeks expel the water into the base "moisture trap" of the unit.