Nebo Poplite Compact LED Lantern & Torch

Nebo Poplite Compact LED Lantern & Torch - Towsure
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The Nebo Poplite is a versatile, compact light and lantern which changes mode simply by sliding its body. Small enough to fit on a key ring, it also has a magnetic base and detachable carabiner clip. To activate, simply pop the carabiner clip from the body and the light is ready to go.


Introducing the Nebo PopLite - a multi-functional, ultra-compact light and lantern.

This handy tool can switch from flood light, to spotlight, to lantern, with a simple sliding motion. Perfect for camping trips, emergency situations, or just everyday tasks, the Nebo PopLite is equipped with a soft-touch switch, adjustable brightness settings and a run-time of up to 5 hours with the included batteries. Built with an anodized aluminium body, this light is lightweight and durable, perfect for outdoor adventures and as an emergency light in the car or in the home, life's unexpected moments. Never be left in the dark with the Nebo PopLite.

The Nebo Poplite is a versatile and compact light and lantern that packs a lot of power. With its expandable design, it quickly and easily morphs from a torch to a super-portable camping lantern. Its small size makes it perfect for slipping into a rucksack pocket, or clipping on with the carabiner clip. The Poplite is also water-resistant, has multiple lighting modes, and comes with an integrated, adjustable metal stand and pocket clip. You'll be ready for the outdoors with the Nebo Poplite!

3 Lighting Modes

  • Spotlight Mode: 100 LUX, 2.5 hours runtime, 40 metre beam
  • Floodlight Mode: 20 lumens, 2.5 hours runtime
  • Lantern Mode: 20 lumens, 2.5 hours runtime, 6 metre beam

Tough and Durable for Outdoor Adventures

  • Anodised aircraft-grade aluminium body
  • Water resistant
  • Impact resistant