Outwell Starhill 6A Woven Tent Carpet

Outwell Starhill 6 Woven Tent Carpet
Outwell Starhill 6A Woven Tent Carpet - Towsure
Outwell Starhill 6A Woven Tent Carpet - Towsure
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Outwell tent carpet in a soft yet durable lylex fabric to fit the Starhill 6 living area, offering added insulation and a home-from-home feeling underfoot.


Deluxe Carpet for the Outwell Starhill 6 Tent

Outwell tent carpets are designed to provide the ultimate home-from-home feeling for campers. Made with a soft, yet durable lylex fabric, each carpet is custom-made to fit the exact dimensions of the tent’s living area. Not only do the carpets give your tent a more comfortable, homey feel, they also provide added insulation and help protect the tent floor from abrasions and dirt, giving your tent a longer life. Whether you’re camping on a warm summer night or a chilly winter night, Outwell tent carpets are the perfect option for taking your camping experience to the next level.

Outwell Tent Carpet Features

  • Wall-to-Wall Carpet
    Designed specifically for the Outwell Starhill 6 Tent, this carpet is cut for a perfect fit to the tent's size and shape.
  • Small Pack Size with Packing Sleeve
    The carpet packs up into a roll with carry handle for ease of storage and transport
  • PVC Protective Backing
    Provides protection to the carpet from abrasions and damp

Tent Carpet Materials & Dimensions

  • Material: Front: Lylex, 100% polyester, Back: PVC, 100% polyester
  • Textile Fibre Composition: Top: 100% polyester
  • Size: 275 x 380 cm
  • Colour: Black & Grey