Prima Sport Pack of 2 Tennis Balls

Pack of 2 Prima Sport Tennis Balls
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Prima Tennis Balls are high-quality balls ideal for outdoor sports & games - Pack of two.


Pack of Two High-Bounce Tennis balls for Outdoor Play

These classic tennis balls are ideal for outdoor family sports, playing tennis, rounders, soft-ball cricket, or just having a game of fetch in the park with your furry friend, these tennis balls are up to the task. These Prima Tennis Balls come in a convenient 2 pack and offer plenty of bounce.

Pack them in your camping or caravanning kit to enjoy healthy and fun outdoor play with all the family.

  • These Prima Tennis balls are not only ideal for tennis but also for cricket and fetch games, making them perfect for outdoor sports and leisure activities.

  • These high-quality classic tennis balls are made to withstand heavy use and offer plenty of bounce, ensuring maximum enjoyment during your outdoor activities.

  • Perfect for Camping holidays - they provide a fun and healthy way to enjoy the outdoors while taking up minimal space and weight in your camping or caravan gear.

  • With their high-quality, convenience, and versatility, these tennis balls are sure to provide endless hours of fun and entertainment for campers, caravanners, and sports enthusiasts alike.