Super-B Bicycle Brake Pad Tuner Tool

Super-B Bicycle Brake Pad Tuner Tool - Towsure
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The Super-B TB-BR20 Brake Shoe Tuner is a quick and easy way to ensure perfect adjustment, alignment and toe-in of bicycle rim brake shoes.

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Quick and simple to use, the TB-BR20 is a handy tool to assist correct alignment of bicycle rim brakes when servicing your bike or replacing brake shoes.

Easy Rim Brake Toe In Adjustment

  • With the Super-B brake tuner tool your rim brake shoes will be perfectly aligned in seconds
  • Eliminates trial and error when setting up brakes
  • Clips to the rim to guide your pads to the correct angle and alignment
  • Suitable for bike wheel rims from 14mm to 24mm width, with depth up to 50mm