Unipart Ultimate Rain Repellent Screen Wash - 5 Litres

Unipart Ultimate Rain Repellent Screen Wash - 5 Litres - Towsure
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Specially formulated for fan jet washer systems, Unipart Ultimate Rain Repellent Screen Wash not only cleans, but repels rain, snowm, dirt and bugs thanks to its advanced formulation with C-Clear advanced screen-coating nano-technology for a clearer windscreen day and night - safer in spray and heavy rain.


This advanced car widscreen screenwash from Unipart cleans and leaves a rain-repellent coating meaning that water runs off easier, without smearing and reducing wiper judder at all speeds. The advanced coating also helps to repel dirt and bird lime, meaning that any windscreen dirt is rapidly cleared by the wipers.

Ideal for all-season use in summer and in winter, the screen wash solution remains effective down to -5 degrees C preventing freezing of the washer reservoir and jets, keeping the screen wash flowing when required. And with the advanced coating it's perfect too for cleaning car, van and motorhome windows and glass before winter storage, preventing dirt build up and making cleaning easy when the vehicle is taken out of storage.

The screenwash is ready to use with no mixing required and comes in a 5 litre container, enough to fill most systems and leave enough for top-ups.