Streetwize Windscreen Gadget Holder

Streetwize Windscreen Gadget Holder - Towsure
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Part Code: A633

Suction fitting windscreen mounted gadget holder suitable for most smart phones, PDAs, media players and satellite navigation units.


An easy-to-install in-vehicle gadget holder that is suitable for holding various gadgets between 40mm and 110mm in width. It is suitable for most gadgets including smartphones, PDAs and MP3 players.

The gadget holder takes only a matter of seconds to install, thanks to its suction mount mechanism. The gadget holder also includes a built-in photo frame for added personalisation.

Can hold devices vertically or horizontally.

  • Holds gadgets between 40mm and 110mm in width
  • Suitable for smartphones, Sat Navs, PDAs and MP3 players
  • Includes built-in photo frame
  • Suction mount

    Note: Traffic laws should be observed at all times when operating equipment from the driving seat.