Storing your Barbecue for Winter

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With the weather starting to cool and autumn just around the corner, its time to start thinking about packing your barbecue for the winter.  But whilst it may seem like something you can just leave or cover up; you want to get your money’s worth and need to take care of your barbecue. Storing your barbecue properly ensures that is stays in good condition for at least a few summers and makes it easier on you when come to use it again in the Spring.

But what is the correct way to store your barbecue?


Heat it up

It may sound stupid to fire up your barbecue when wanting to put it away, but it will make the cleaning process a lot easier. Simply put your barbecue on high for 15 minutes to cook off any excess food and warm the grease so you can easily scrape it off.


Clean it thoroughly

Once you’ve scraped away all the excess food and grease, you will need to let it cool before deep cleaning it. This will prevent any rust or mould building up and bad smells.

For the inside, remove and scrub the grates in warm soapy water to remove any food and grease residue.  When it comes to cleaning the outside, it should be a lot easier than the inside. There shouldn’t be much food remnants or grease, so it should only need a quick wipe with some hot soapy water and buffed dry with cloth.


Check for damages

One thing you don’t want when getting your barbecue back out after winter is to find any broken parts or damage. Solution? Check before you store it. Look out for any cracks, holes or dents in your barbecue so you can repair it before storing. This will help keep your barbecue in great condition over the colder months and you can get straight to grilling when the warmer weather rolls around.


Ensure its dry

To help prevent any rusting, make sure your barbecue is completely dry before storing it. If you’re planning on using a cover, check that it is also completely dry before using. Ensuring both the barbecue and cover is fully dry will not only help stop any rusting, it will also prevent any bad smells.


The location

When deciding on where to store your barbecue, you need to look for somewhere that is sheltered from rain, snow and cold weather. All of these can contribute to damaging your barbecue over the winter months.

Places like a garage or garden shed are perfect for shielding your barbecue from the wet and cold. If you don’t have any indoor space, you should consider investing in a barbecue cover. They will help protect your barbecue from the weather and any dust or dirt.

Now, with a clean and correctly stored barbecue, yours should stay in great condition and a few more summer seasons.

Jess Bradley

Staff writer at Towsure. In her free time, Jess loves to enjoy the outdoors by bicycle or on day trips

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