Silky Fineshine Polish - 500ML

Silky Fineshine Polish - 500ML - Towsure

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Part Code: S658

Achieve a flawless, shiny surface on buffed and compounded plastics and paintwork with Silky Fineshine Polish - 500ML. This product should be used following the application of Restore for maximum results.


Fineshine produces a swirl-free high gloss finish to previously buffed and compounded plastics and paintwork ready for sealing and waxing. Use after Restore has been applied. Fineshine is the perfect solution for achieving a stunning, swirl-free finish on any previously buffed and compounded plastics and paintwork. This high-quality polish is the ideal step to take after using our Restore product, ensuring the surface is prepared for sealing and waxing. Trust in Fineshine to deliver exceptional results every time.

INSTRUCTIONS: Ensure surface is clean prior to application and shake bottle well before use. Apply compound with a rotary polishing machine or by hand and an appropriate compounding pad, use water to keep cool. Polish small sections (50cm × 50cm) at a time having first tested in an inconspicuous area. Remove residue using a clean cloth or wash clean with water.