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Shop the renowned range of Silky Caravan Cleaner products at Towsure. From the original Silky Cream Cleaner, a formula trusted for over 40 years, to the newer deep clean solutions, polishers and detailing fluids to keep your caravan or camper in pristine condition.

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Silky Caravan & Boat Cleaner

Silky Caravan Cleaner - 480ml

Non-Scratching and Non-Abrasive Caravan Cleaner Silky Caravan & Boat Cleaner has a unique non-scratching and non abrasive formula to remove stubborn dirt and grime without damaging fibreglass and PVC bodywork...
Silky Restore - 500ML - Towsure

Silky Restore - 500ML

Silky Fine Cut – Polishing compound to restore shine to older or previously compounded Gel coat. The second step in the restoration process. Revitalize the appearance of your Gel coat...
Silky Deep Cleaner - 2.5L - Towsure

Silky Deep Cleaner - 2.5L

A convenient ready to use grime and film removing wash, ideal for deep cleaning of caravans and motorhomes for de-wintering and mid-season. Effortlessly remove dirt and grime with Silky Deep...
Silky Fineshine Polish - 500ML - Towsure

Silky Fineshine Polish - 500ML

Fineshine produces a swirl-free high gloss finish to previously buffed and compounded plastics and paintwork ready for sealing and waxing. Use after Restore has been applied. Fineshine is the perfect...
Silky Dry & Shine Instant Detailer - 500ML - Towsure

Silky Dry & Shine Instant Detailer - 500ML

Silky Dry & Shine Instant Detailer is perfect for adding the finishing touch to your motorhome or caravan. It effectively cleans and polishes premium high gloss finishes, including plastic mouldings,...
Silky Deep Cleaner Concentrate – 1 Litre - Towsure

Silky Deep Cleaner Concentrate – 1 Litre

Silky Deep Cleaner Concentrate is a specially formulated wash that effectively eliminates grime and film, making it ideal for removing dirt and greyness during the de-wintering process. This versatile cleaner...
Silky Envirowash Shampoo Cleaner - 1 Litre - Towsure

Silky Envirowash Shampoo Cleaner - 1 Litre

Silky Envirowash is a pH neutral shampoo designed for gentle yet effective cleaning of motorhome and caravan finishes. It is suitable for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, ensuring safe maintenance...
Silky Bright - 1L - Towsure

Silky Bright - 1L

This product effectively eliminates yellowing and tea staining from boat hulls, as well as external coachwork, stainless steel fixtures, and fittings. It can also be utilized to clear up spotting,...

At Towsure we understand that your caravan is not just a vehicle but a home away from home. That's why we are proud to offer our customers the best in caravan maintenance and cleaning products.

Enter the realm of effortless cleaning with the renowned Silky caravan cleaning range, designed to keep your caravan or motorhome sparkling like new. Caravan cleaning and motorhome products by Silky Leisure are must-haves for any caravanning enthusiast looking to maintain their mobile home in impeccable condition.

Discover the power of convenience and efficiency with Silky Leisure's flagship product, Silky Deep Cleaner. This is not just any cleaner — it's a premium solution that adds brilliance to your vehicle’s appearance while ensuring ease of use. Silky Deep Cleaner comes “ready to use” and requires no dilution, simplifying your cleaning process. Our customers have been awed by how it tackles the toughest of stains, from stubborn black streaks to unwelcome bug residues. Just one application coupled with a long-handed soft brush and a splash of water, and you'll see troubling spots and streaks disappear.

We invite you to explore this incredible line of products and transform your caravan cleaning routine. At Towsure, we ensure that every journey you embark upon is complemented by a sparkling clean caravan, thanks to Silky Caravan Cleaner solutions.

Welcome aboard this journey of unparalleled cleanliness and shine with Towsure and Silky Leisure — where every road trip starts with a gleam!