Silky Restore - 500ML

Silky Restore - 500ML - Towsure

Brand: Silky
Part Code: S657
Barcode: 6489297259560
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Silky Fine Cut is a professional-grade polishing compound that effectively restores shine to older or previously-compounded gel coat, providing a like-new finish.


Silky Fine Cut – Polishing compound to restore shine to older or previously compounded Gel coat. The second step in the restoration process. Revitalize the appearance of your Gel coat with ease. This polishing compound restores shine that may have been lost over time or during a previous compounding.

INSTRUCTIONS: Ensure surface is clean prior to application and shake bottle well before use. Apply compound with a rotary polishing machine or by hand and an appropriate compounding pad, use water to keep cool. Polish small sections (50cm × 50cm) at a time having first tested in an inconspicuous area. Remove residue using a clean cloth or wash clean with water.