Insertable Hitchlocks

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Insertable hitchlocks are ideal for securing your caravan from thieves and giving you peace of mind. These hitch locks have components that are inserted into your hitch to protect it and keep it safe.

As these hitch locks are insertable it may be advisable to invest in a caravan cover to keep your caravan and the hitch lock protected from the elements.

Hitch locks are vital pieces of equipment for all caravan and trailer owners. They are extremely useful for ensuring that you are the only one who can attach a vehicle to the caravan or trailer, giving you safety in the knowledge that your caravan or trailer cannot be towed away by anyone else.

These hitch locks are useful for when you are on holiday, so you can relax and enjoy yourself; and great for when you have to lock your caravan or trailer up in the Winter months. We have a great selection of locks to choose from including the Saracen hitch lock and the popular Winterhoff hitch.