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At Towsure, we have a wide selection of caravan covers and motorhome covers to suit most sizes and models of caravan. Towsure is one of the UK’s leading caravan covers and motorhome covers suppliers, so you can be assured that our products are of high quality.

We supply popular brands at below-market prices, so you can be confident that you are getting the best deal for your money. Our selection of brands includes Maypole, Kampa and Quest. Shop today and find your next caravan or motorhome bargain.
Ensure your caravan doesn’t move without you knowing it with our collection of levellers and wheel chocks.

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Choosing the Best RV / Caravan Cover

At Towsure, we have several varieties of caravan covers available to suit different applications. Your caravan cover needs to perform well to protect your caravan over the cold and damp winter months so you can enjoy it again as soon as possible in springtime.

We have a great selection of caravan covers and motorhome covers, including covers for the ever-popular VW campervan.  Our covers are chosen to be breathable and water-resistant, allowing moisture and condensation forming inside the caravan to escape, protecting it from damage caused by dampness, meaning that your caravan or RV will be well cared for whilst it is in storage, be that over the winter in a compound or on your driveway in the summer.

Most of our covers for caravans and RVs are designed to be a universal fit, with features such as easy-to-use straps and elasticated hems, making them a perfect fit for almost any model, whilst less costly than a bespoke made-to-fit cover.

Caravan Full Covers:

What most people think of when they hear the term Caravan Cover, these full covers give your caravan full protection from the damaging effects of dampness, frost and condensation

Caravan Top Covers:

Apply a breathable and waterproof cover to the top of your caravan to reduce dampness and condensation build-up.

Caravan Towing Covers:

These towing covers have become very popular as they protect your caravan against stone damage and dirt from the road whilst being towed

Motorhome & Campervan Covers:

Protect your motorhome from the elements with a waterproof and breathable motorhome/campervan cover


Why Cover Up?

The main benefits of covering your caravan or camper in storage are to protect the caravan from degradation of the bodywork and finish from UV light, airborne dust and dirt particles plus tree sap and bird droppings which can cause damage or staining; as well as dirt carried by rainwater, and mould formation from surface water nestling in corners and channels. Advances in fabric technology allow for cover fabrics to be breathable which is an essential feature so that water is not trapped inside in the form of condensation, softer and non-abrasive to the caravan bodywork and to be lighter in weight than older technical fabrics which is why caravan covers are still seen as a fairly modern trend, transitioning from being fairly unusual in the 1990s to ubiquitous today.

These advances in non-abrasive fabrics have also seen a growth in the use of towing covers for the front of the caravan, which serve to protect the vulnerable front panels and window from road spray, grit and gravel, exhaust particles from your tow car and bug splatter whilst travelling to your destination

Fitting a caravan cover is not a difficult task although it can need two or more people to help pull the cover over and prevent it from snagging on satellite domes and any other fitments on the bodywork. This is why most universal covers for the different styles of recreational vehicles incorporate some kind of flap or opening at the corner, that can be easily undone and straps loosened, to allow you to access the caravan or motorhome's entrance door whilst the cover remains fitted, letting you access the caravan for general cleaning and maintenance tasks whilst the vehicle remains protected from the elements.  Once done, the entryway can be closed and the straps re-tightened to keep the cover fitted snugly so that it does not flap in the wind. So when your caravan is covered you can still get inside when you need to without having to remove and refit the weatherproof protection each and every time. This type of corner flap also aids in pulling the cover over the bodywork. Motorhome covers incorporate the same system for access whilst your campervan is in storage.