Bradcot Classic 60 Caravan Awning - Navy Blue

Bradcot Classic 60 Caravan Awning - Navy Blue - Towsure
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Luxurious and high quality - the Classic 60 is the latest version of a long-running Bradcot Awnings favourite model - combining the traditional look of a full-length awning with modern fabric and frame technology for an awning that will delight its owners for seasons to come.

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780 | 766-795 cm
810 | 796-825 cm
840 | 826-855 cm
870 | 856-885 cm
900 | 886-907 cm
915 | 908-923 cm
930 | 924-937 cm
945 | 938-953 cm
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1005 | 998-1013 cm
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1065 | 1058-1073 cm
1080 | 1074-1087 cm
1095 | 1088-1103 cm
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1125 | 1118-1133 cm
1140 | 1134-1147 cm
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1170 | 1164-1178 cm
1185 | 1179-1193 cm

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Steel 28mm


Traditional Style - Modern Fabric Technology, in this Outstanding Full-Size Caravan Awning

Indulge in the luxury of the Classic 60 caravan awning, a true favourite among the caravanning community for years. Market-leading and acclaimed for its traditional design, this five-piece awning offers not only a touch of sophistication but unbeatable comfort too. Equipped with two ventilated side mesh windows, this traditional awning allows you to stay cool and comfortable even on those humid summer nights. The one-piece seamless heat reflective roof further adds to the comfort factor, with its ability to reflect the hot sun rays away from the inside of the awning.

To set up your awning pitch-perfect every time, the Classic 60 offers the unique Bradcot movable pegging system - giving you peace of mind that your awning is always pitched well; with the option to add extra pegging points if required.

The Classic 60 Awning is available with a choice of frames - choose the standard 25mm steel frame, a heavy-duty 28mm frame, or for a lighter weight and easier pitching, upgrade to the fibreglass frame option.

Despite its name, the Classic 60 offers much more than just a nod to traditional style. It boasts a level of sophistication and modernity that makes it the perfect fit for any discerning caravanner. The Classic 60's traditional design and luxury features stand out heads and shoulders above the rest. So why settle for less when you can have the best? Treat yourself and your caravan to the unbeatable comfort and sophisticated style of the Classic 60 awning today!

Bradcot Classic 60 Full-Size Caravan Awning Features

  • One-Piece Seamless Roof
    Seamless roof construction to be extra water resistant
  • Tencate Heat-Reflective Coated Roof
    The unique reflective Tencate coating helps to keep your awning cooler on the hottest summer days
  • Breathable Solution Dyed Acrylic Wall Fabric
    An extremely colourfast process; the solution is coloured before the fibres are extruded and spun into yarn to make the awning fabric, ensuring the colour penetrates throughout.
  • Two Large 1.1m Width Front Doors
    For ease of entry, there is no lip on the wide front doors, making the awning wheelchair & mobility scooter friendly
  • Removable Front & Side Panels
    Configure your awning to be open, partially open or fully enclosed, to your preference
  • Large Panoramic Windows
    Designed to give a light and airy feel to your awning
  • 2 x Ventilated Side Mesh Windows
    Airflow throughout the awning for your comfort and to reduce condensation
  • Easy-Glide Aluminium Curtain Rods
    Smooth movement of curtains prevents pulling and snagging of the material. Smooth, easy to use and homely in appearance - no cheap plastic fittings to assemble!

Awning Sizes

  • Awning Projection (depth): 2.45m
  • Awning SIzes: Available for A-Measurements from 900cm - 1185cm

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