Bulldog TC350 Trailer Clamp (195/55 R10)

Bulldog Trailer Wheel Clamp for 10" Wheels

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Part Code: BD50032

Bulldog wheel clamps have an enviable reputation for being secure and tough - when they are locked on they don't want to let go! Protect your trailer with this high quality wheel clamp for 10 inch wheels

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The Bulldog TC350 Trialer Wheel Clamp is ideally suited for the protection of trailers with tyre sizes 195/55 R10. Supplied with Bulldog's plunge lock system which can be locked without the use of the key.

Features of the Bulldog TC350 Trail Clamp

  • Insurance approved
  • Simple to use
  • Reliable lock
  • Large disc covers wheel nuts
  • British Manufactured
  • 5 year guarantee


  • Suitable for wide wheel trailers

Technical Information

  • Will fit wheel size 195/55 R10
  • Weight 8KG