Camping Water Container With Tap - 20 Litres

Pressol 20 Litre Water Carrier for Camping
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Part Code: W230

20 litre food grade quality jerry can fresh water carrier for camping, with handle, easy filling cap and tap.

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Robust and durable camping water carrier in a jerry can styling with integral carry handle. This water cannister is easy to carry and to fill, with a large screw-on filler cap that is retained with a tab, guarding against accidental loss of the screw-cap.

Dispensing water is made easy by the inclusion ow an easy twist-on/off tap to the bottom of the carrier, allowing you to fill a glass, beaker, kettle or pan without risk of spilling and sloshing water in your tent or campsite pitch.

Safe to use, the carrier is manufactured in food-grade plastic, so is suitable for storing fresh drinking water.

  • Capacity: 20 Litres
  • Size: 350mm length x 480mm height x 180mm depth