Vango Universal Carpet - 260 X 360CM

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Part Code: CP008

A Vango Carpet provides comfort, warmth, and protection for the tent or awning floor to enhance your camping experience.


Warm and Cosy Tent & Awning Carpet by Vango

Whether you are a first-time camper or a tent-dwelling expert, one item you simply cannot leave behind is a Vango Carpet. Not only is the Vango Carpet essential for making your tent or awning feel like home, it also adds warmth and comfort underfoot while protecting your tent groundsheet, and helping to keep the living area of your camping home clean and dry.

Once you have experienced the added luxury of a tent carpet, you won't want to sleep in a tent without one!

  • Total Weight: 2.44kg
  • Pack Size: 46cm x 36cm x 18cm
  • Length: 260CM
  • Width: 360cm