Dometic Pro Windbreak 1

Dometic Pro Windbreak 1

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Part Code: WB65

The Pro Windbreak by Dometic is the perfect addition to make your awning pitch more comfortable. It's quick to set-up and supported with adjustable support bars. Its full aluminium frame is lightweight and corrosion-resistant and makes this a sturdy and stable wind wall.
This single panel windbreak stands 140cm high x 153cm wide


With its aluminium frame and support bars the Dometic Pro is an exceptionally stable windbreak, and comes in a charcoal grey colour scheme to perfectly match the Dometic caravan and campervan awning range. A window panel provides a view out of your pitch whilst protecting the area around your awning from winds and marking out your area, discouraging those cheeky short cuts across your pitch.

  • Fast set-up
  • Strong support poles
  • Strong yet lightweight aluminium frame