Garage Caravan Mains Electric Socket

Garage Caravan Mains Electric Socket - Towsure
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SKU: C60

Caravan-type blue 3-pin mains electrical socket. Mount in the garage to allow caravan battery recharging and fridge pre-cooling at home from your household mains.


Connect your Caravan to your Home Electric Supply

If you need to charge your battery, pre-cool your fridge before setting off on a trip, or just use your caravan's lights and power sockets whilst you clean the4 caravan on your driveway, this wall-mounted socket is the perfect solution.

Ideal for mounting in a garage or similar location you can then connect your caravan up just as you would on-site with your mains extension.

With a durable plastic body and spring loaded socket cover, the socket is IP44 rated suitable for outdoor use