Sealapack Pack of 3 Food & Freezer Bag Clips

Sealapack set of 3 Food Bag Sealing Clips

SKU: B1069

Seal your food bags to keep contents fresher for longer with these easy-to-use, wide food bag sealing clips. Ideal for storing perishable foods at home, in the caravan, in the picnic basket or at the campsite in your cooler box. Pack of 3 wide clips


Quick and Simple Sealer to Keep Food Fresh for Longer

Sealapack reusable bag clips are a great way to keep your food fresh for longer. This set of clips comes with three clips of different colours, suitable for large sandwich bags or freezer bags. The clips are simple and easy to use, just clip them onto an open bag to seal it shut, preserving your food and preventing it from staling prematurely. The clips can also be used during food preparation, eating out and for trips, making them very versatile. Each clip is approximately 6cm in size, and is very easy to clean, making them reusable. These bag clips are really handy and will make a great addition to your kitchen utensils.

Reusable Bag Clips Keep Food Fresh

  • Keep your food fresh and stave off premature spoilage with these reusable bag clips from Sealapack.
  • Comes in a set of three with different colors: pink, blue and orange.
  • Clips are simple to use and can be used during food preparation, eating out or trips.
  • Each clip measures 6 cm and is very easy to clean for reuse.