High Reach Towball - Alko AKS Stabiliser Compatible

 50mm Towball compatible with Alko Caravan Stabilisers to EC94/20 Approval
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SKU: B666

Alko-type towball compatible with caravan stabiliser hitches - EU approved to EC94/20


The AKS range of caravan stabiliser hitches needs a specific Alko towball. The Alko towball type has a slightly extended neck compared with a standard 50mm ball, to give clearance for the stabiliser head.

This Alko compatible towball is suitable for all Alko stabiliser hitches and suits a standard flanged towbar, mounted with 2 x M16 (24mm spanner) bolts. It is EU approved to EC94/20 standard; and can also be used with non-alko type 50mm hitches.

  • 50mm Towball approved to EC94/20
  • Extended neck for Al-Ko stabilisers
  • D: 17kn
  • S: 120kg

Remove paint from ball section before use. Alko towballs should be kept clean from grease at all times so as not to contaminate the stabilser's friction pads.