Outdoor Revolution Lumi-Solar Camping Mosquito Killer Lantern

Outdoor Revolution 2-in-1 Lantern & Mosquito Killer
Outdoor Revolution Lumi-Solar Camping Mosquito Killer Lantern - Towsure
Outdoor Revolution Lumi-Solar Camping Mosquito Killer Lantern - Towsure
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Outdoor Revolution's Lumi-Solar is a large mosquito killer with LED lantern; ideal for camping and in the garden,.
This Impressive Lantern has 3 lighting modes and is charged via a Micro USB cable (provided), or by solar charging option with the inbuilt solar panel. An automatic self-cleaning brush system keeps the lantern fee of unwanted debris into a seperate compartment for easy emptying and disposal. 


2-in-1 Lantern & Mosquito Killer

The Lumi-Solar offers two functions in one. Being a powerful LED camping lantern for illuminating your tent, it also features a mosquito killing mesh. Mosquitos and flying pets are exterminated after flying into the mesh, the debris is automnatically cleaned into a separate compartment for easy disposal.

Solar & USB Rechargeable Mosquito Killing Lantern

The lantern and bug zapper combi features a solar panel on the top for easy solar charging from the power of the sunlight during the day, ready for use at night. For darker days, or where the lantern will not be outside to charge by the solar panel, a USB charging point is provided. A USB charging cable is included with the lantern.

Efficient Camping Light

The lantern is not solely to catch bugs and insects. With an inbuilt 3.7v 200mAh Li battery, the Lumi-Solar lantern features 3 lighting brightness modes, with a 3 hour lighting time from fully charged at full power, or 6 hours light at 50%. The lantern can be used free-standing or hung from a tent or awning hannging pint witjh the fold-out hanger.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 0.67kg
  • Size: 16.5cm x 16.58cm x 21.5cm
  • Rainproof to IPX4
  • Charging Time (USB) 4 hours