Maypole 60mm 300kg Auto-Fold Jockey Wheel

Maypole 60mm 300kg Auto-Fold Jockey Wheel - Towsure
Maypole 60mm 300kg Auto-Fold Jockey Wheel - Towsure
Maypole 60mm 300kg Auto-Fold Jockey Wheel - Towsure
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The Maypole MP977 60mm 300kg Auto Fold Jockey Wheel is a heavy duty wheel designed for trailers with a static nose weight of up to 300kg. It features a 60mm outer tube diameter, a height extension range of 490mm, a handle extension of 130mm, a 200x40mm tyre, a max static load of 300kg, and an automatic folding mechanism. The wheel is made from high quality materials and is built to last. It is also easy to install and use.


Auto Fold Heavy Duty Trailer Jockey Wheel

The Maypole 60mm 300Kg Auto Fold Jockey Wheel is the perfect addition to your trailer. This high-quality jockey wheel is designed to make your towing experience easier and more efficient. It features a 60mm diameter wheel that can support a weight of up to 300 kg, making it suitable for a wide range of trailers, horse boxes, car transporters etc.

One of the standout features of this jockey wheel is its auto-fold mechanism. This allows you to easily fold the wheel up when not in use, saving valuable space and ensuring that it doesn't get in the way during transit. When you're ready to use it again, simply unfold the wheel and you're good to go.

The Maypole Auto-Fold Jockey Wheel is also incredibly durable and built to last. It is made from high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that it can withstand the rigours of regular use. Additionally, it is designed to be easy to install, with a simple bolt-on design that makes it quick and easy to attach to your trailer

Whether you use your trailer for household use, camping, gardening or industrial use, the MP977 60mm 300Kg Auto Fold Jockey Wheel by Maypole is an essential piece of towing equipment. With its high weight capacity, durable construction, and convenient auto-fold mechanism, it is the perfect tool for making your towing experience smoother and more efficient.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Wheel is raised automatically during retraction & locks in the raised position. It is released automatically when wound down again with the handle.

  • Ball-race handle bearing ensures smooth and easy handle rotation

  • Supplied with integral mounting plate (100 x 130mm) for easy fitting onto the trailer

  • Solid rubber tyre & steel rim

  • Zinc plate finish

  • Grease nipple bearing lubrication inlet

Specifications & Dimensions

  • Static Nose Weight Capacity: 300kg
  • 60mm outer tube diameter
  • Height extension range 490mm
  • Handle extension 130mm
  • Tyre size 200x40mm.