Autoglym Foaming Car Wash - 1 Litre

Autoglym Foaming Car Wash - 1 Litre - Towsure
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Autoglym's Foaming Car Wash quickly removes everyday contaminants for a streak free finish. 1 Litre bottle can give up to 50 washes.


Autoglym Car Shampoo for a Streak-Free Finish

To keep your car looking its best, it is essential to keep the paintwork squeaky clean. Washing and waxing the car regularly helps to keep dirt and grime off the paint. Regular, gentle washing and buffing will help to maintain the condition and longevity of the paintwork, while periodic waxing can also provide added protection against scratching and fading. In addition, regular car detailing can help to maintain the overall condition of the car, as well as improve its resale value.

Autoglym Foaming Car Wash is an excellent way to get your car looking like new. Its pH-neutral formula is safe and perfect for all kinds of car surfaces and materials. Its thick foam quickly breaks down and washes away the dirt and contaminants that have gathered on your vehicle over time, to make your vehicle look like it just rolled from the forecourt.

  • Will not wash away or strip wax or sealants.
  • PH Neutral
  • Can be used for hand washing or with a pressure washer
  • Use with warm or cold water