Premier Camping Arborlow Stool & Table Combo

Premier Camping Arborlow Stool/Table Combo
Premier Camping Arborlow Stool & Table Combo - Towsure
Premier Camping Arborlow Stool & Table Combo - Towsure
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The Arborlow stool & table combo is a versatile piece of camping furniture, acting as a folding stool, a low table footrest or tray.  Quick and easy to unfold into a stool with a comfortable 47cm seat height or to use as a table simply slot on the MDF top for a stable area for eating, cooking or as a side table to accompany your camping bed.  The table top can also be used inverted, as a handy tray with sides to hold food, drink etc.

  • Handy multi-purpose stool and table combination
  • Lightweight aluminium alloy folding frame
  • Nylon seat
  • MDF table top attachment with aluminium rim
  • Use as a stool, a footrest, a camping table or a tray
  • Height: 48cm (with table attachment)
  • Table area 40cm x 40cm.
  • Pack Size: Stool - 62cm x 39cm x 2cm (+ Table Top 40cm x 40cm x 3.5cm)