Streetwize Solar Auto Trickle Battery Charger - 12v

Streetwize Solar Auto Trickle Battery Charger - 12v - Towsure
Streetwize Solar Auto Trickle Battery Charger - 12v - Towsure
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Part Code: B988

Keep your car or leisure battery topped up with solar power, using interchangeable 12v adaptors.


A trickle charger that uses solar energy to top up your 12V vehicle battery, providing you with an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way of keeping your battery fully charged and optimised.

As this is a trickle charger, it will automatically reduce its charging power as soon as the battery reaches near full-capacity, preventing the battery from getting overcharged.

This solar trickle charger comes supplied with a 12V power cable and a pair of 12V crocodile clips. Giving you the option of charging your 12V battery via your vehicle’s 12V socket or via the battery itself.

Suitable for most 12V vehicles including cars, caravans, vans, motorhomes and more.

No maintenance is required. Suitable for lead acid batteries.

  • Max. Output voltage = 18V
  • Output wattage = 2.5W
  • Output Milliamps = 110mA
  • Solar panel size: 295mm x 90mm
  • 12V plug and 12V crocodile clips attachment (both with 2.95m cable)