Streetwize Heated Car Seat Cushion - 12 Volt

Streetwize Heated Car Seat Cushion - 12 Volt - Towsure
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Part Code: H618

An easy to fit cushion to transform your car seat into a heated seat - fitted in seconds and plugs into car cigar lighter with no wiring required. Adjustable heat control and overheat protection.


Added comfort for the winter months - make your cold weather driving more comfortable easily by adding heat to your seat - with no need to upgrade your car!

Heats seat and back:

The Streetwize 12 volt heated cushion emulates the feature of high-end executive cars, providing an adjustable high or low heat via the internal heating elements in both the seat and the back area. The cushion incorporates a built in thermostat to protect against overheating.

Alleviates aches and pains:

Banish cold-weather pain by gently warming - the heated cushion is designed to be used whilst driving and can be used on a high or low setting to suit your personal preference.

Universal and easy to fit:

The heated car seat cushion fits all standard car, van and motor caravan front seats with elestic straps to secure the cushion in place. It can be fitted to the drivers' seat or a single front passenger seat.

No wiring required:

The heated cushion simply plugs into your car's cigar lighter socke