High Cover and Frame for Towsure 369 Trailer

High Cover and Frame for Towsure 369 Trailer - Towsure
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The most economical way of increasing your load space, high cover & frame systems are available for Towsure trailers, Maypole and Erde trailers. Shop online for trailer parts.


The most economical way of expanding your trailer's volumetric load capacity, the high cover comes with a galvanised frame that fits to your trailer body, and a durable PVC cover which fits over the frame and is secured with elastic cord to the trailer's cover cleats.

The reinforced cover retains your load and keeps it protected from the weather, meaning that you can carry more cargo or camping gear - especially suited for carrying extra lightweight but bulky items such as camping furniture in your trailer.

Suits Towsure 369 trailer, Erde 193 / 193F trailer & Erde 194 trailer
Also suits Maypole MP6815 trailer

  • 30cm High frame and cover for Towsure 369
  • Durable tubular steel frame with reinforced PVC cover.
  • The most economic way to double load space in the trailer.
  • Cover protects trailer contents from the weather.
  • Easily fitted and secured.