Yello Whippersnapper 26" Kids Bodyboard

Yello Whippersnapper 26" Junior Kids Bodyboard
Yello Whippersnapper 26" Kids Bodyboard - Towsure
Yello Whippersnapper 26" Kids Bodyboard - Towsure
Yello Whippersnapper 26" Kids Bodyboard - Towsure
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The Yello Whippersnapper bodyboard is designed for children 65-115 cm tall and 13-25 kg in weight. Its High-Density Polyethylene slick and Cross-Linked Polyethylene deck make it suitable for bigger waves and breakwaters, providing your little ones with a fun experience whilst supervised


Children's Bodyboard with Leash - HDPE Slick - XPE Deck

Comes in Yellow or Red

These ultra-stiff body boards will make your beach days fantastic fun for everyone! Designed to suit children of height 65-115 cm, with a rider weight of 13-25 kg the Yello Whippersnapper board features a High-Density Polyethylene slick and a Cross-Linked Polyethylene deck. This enables your little ones to bodyboard even in bigger waves and breakwaters.

The sleek, smooth slick back underside of the bodyboard makes it easy to catch the wave and ride it all the way to shore. The stiffer core of the board helps make it more resilient against harsher waves and also provides greater control for steering the board. Additionally, the leash attached to the board ensures your little one won’t be waving goodbye to their board in an unexpected rip current.

Junior Bodyboard Safety Note

It's important to note that children should never be in water they can't stand in and that they should always be under adult supervision. Follow all safety guidance and observe warning flags at all times.

Yello Whippersnapper Kids Bodyboard Features & Specs

  • Ultra stiff bodyboard with HDPE slick - lightweight & great accelleration & speed
  • XPE Deck - a great wave riding option perfect for beginners
  • EPS Construction - Constructed using high-density EPS foam for a buoyant core
  • Bodyboard Leash - attaches to the user
  • Suitable for larger waves - for use under adult supervision
  • Suitable for a rider weight from 13 to 25 kg