10 Reasons Why Every Camper Needs a Windbreak

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Windbreaks - What Are They Good For? Absolutely Lots!

Camping is always a great way to spend your downtime on holiday or as a cheeky weekend break, but in some cases, the elements can make it challenging. This is where a windbreak comes in handy. A windbreak is a simple, yet effective tool that can help to make your camping trip much more comfortable and enjoyable. Here are ten reasons why every camper needs a windbreak:

1. Shelter from Wind

One of the most obvious reasons to use a windbreak while camping is to provide shelter from the wind. A breeze can bring a chill even on a warm sunny day, as well as causing annoying flapping of your tent or awning fabric. Putting up a windbreak to block the prevailing wind allows you to relax and enjoy the best of the weather in comfort.

A large family tent pitched beside a forest.  In front of the tent is a premium Vango Modular Air Windbreak setup
The Vango Modular Windbreak is a versatile, premium air windbreak system

2. Shade from the Sun

Not only are windbreaks great at providing shelter from wind and rain, but they can also give effective shade from the sun. This is perfect for those bright, sunny days where you want to stay out of the direct sun, but still remain outdoors without overexposing your skin to UV rays

3. Protection from Sand and Debris

A windbreak can provide protection not just from the wind itself but also from leaves, sand and other debris getting into your camping gear. This can be especially important if you are camping in an area with lots of foliage or on a sandy seaside area beside a beach

4. Privacy

If you prefer a quiet and private camping experience, a windbreak can help. You can use a windbreak to create a private area where you can relax without being seen, or distracted by, other campers. You can choose solid panel windbreaks or windbreaks with a window, depending on your own preference and just how much you want to block out the rest of the campsite.

A windbreak pitched in a field, with a window panel running the full length
The Pampero Windbreak by Premier Camping features a full-width window panel

5. Deter Others from Taking a Shortcut Through Your Pitch

By installing a windbreak around your tent or awning, you are marking a physical boundary and sending a message to others to respect your space. With a windbreak installed, other campers are less likely to take a shortcut through your pitch as they walk by. This is especially the case at night - no one wants to be woken by a late-night passer-by tripping over and pulling out your tent guylines on their way back from the campsite facilities!

6. Keep Pets Contained

Some windbreaks, especially those that link up to your awning or caravan, make a complete enclosure which can be an effective way to keep your pets safely contained on your own pitch, to prevent them running off or their curious nature botheriing other campers

7. Easier Campsite Cooking

Wind can make camping gas stove much less efficient, slowing down the cooking process if it is constantly blowing the flame around. In some cases it can even cause your camping stoves to blow out, leaking flammable gas. With a windbreak around your campsite kitchen area, cooking is a more pleasant experience.

8. Create a Shared Area

If you are camping with others as a group, and if the campsite allows, you can erect one or more windbreaks around your group's tents, or around a campervan and accompanying tent, to create your own shared communal space to enjoy relaxing, eating and socialising together on your shared pitches.

A group of campers in two VW campervans, relaxing together behind a windbreak on a beach-side campsite
A shared camping space, joined together using a windbreak

9. Ambience

Windbreaks can be attractive and aesthetically pleasing, adding to the overall ambience of your camping trip. This can help to create a comfortable and cosy environment for you and your fellow campers. Many awning and tent brands produce windbreaks in fabrics and colour schemes to match their ranges, meaning you can have a perfectly matched outfit that looks fantastic from inside and out!

10. Reduced Noise

Your windbreak can also be an effective barrier to sounds carried on the wind. If your campsite is near the sounds of a road, or a working farm, the windbreaker can help reduce ambient noise. SImilarly if you are choosing to have an early night, it can act as a barrier to reduce the sound of other campers' chatter whilst you drift off to sleep

In Conclusion

In conclusion, a windbreak is an essential piece of camping gear that can make your camping experience more enjoyable, safe and comfortable. Whether you are a solo camper, camping as a family, or holidaying as part of a group, a windbreak can help to create an area that is exclusive to you. By providing protection from the elements and privacy from other campers, a windbreak can help to create a more relaxed and enjoyable camping experience. So, make sure to pack your windbreak on your next camping trip and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with it.

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